Featuring KAYU, 6 square pin looms in one


Yes, I know it`s been a while, but a I have a good excuse. Wait and see.

After years of trying different pin looms, also building a few of them, I was wondering how would it be possible to have several pin loom sizes in one single wooden surface. On the other hand, I was quite tired about nails (I wasted a few sweaters getting them stucked while weaving) so I wanted to find softer pins.

And then I needed more benefits from a pin loom.. want to know? Keep reading 🙂


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Pale Rose, the first Ullvuna free pattern


I started Ullvuna 7 years ago. Today is the first time I share the patterns of my original, unique and beloved designs with you 🙂

Every mother thinks her child is the “most beautiful” then I couldn`t be objective to choose the pattern to share, so I proposed the election of it to the Pin loom weaving support group from Facebook, which I belong to.

I selected 5 very different designs. The voting was open for 3 days and finally the chosen design was the following:



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DIY ::: Christmas Wreath with leftover yarn


December. My favorite month is finally here! Jo jo jo.. The year ends and it is time to celebrate with family. This is the time when all these memories of joy and positive anxiety come to my mind 🙂

So to start with the best mood I wanted to take a traditional christmas decoration from storehouse of memories and share it with you. It is an easy 90 min Christmas Wreath to make with leftover yarn. And most important, it is gorgeous!


christmas wreath.jpg

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Imagine the object first – Part 2


(Go to Imagine the object first – Part 1)

This story is about creating, so I invite you to design your own woven things with the Zoom Loom or Weave-It (very similar), the same way I taught my students in the last workshop.

It is a very simple method, before starting weaving you have to imagine the objects first, it means to figure out how you can build a cushion, sweater, or whatever you want to achieve, starting with a 10×10 cm (4×4″) fabric square.



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Print and colour your own stitches


I`ve been busy working in a series of digital tools to download and print, designed for knitters, crocheter, weavers, that I want to tell you about in this post.

If you have already weaved in the Zoom Loom o Weave-it de 4×4″, you have achieved a few stitches so far and you want to take it to the next step: design your own stitches. Then this is the tool for you!


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Imagine the object first


I am finally back to sit and write about my last zoom loom workshop. It was a very special workshop event at Emporio La Rosa de La Dehesa at the end of august.

It was a nice day which started with a delicious breakfast inside the coffee shop and then weaving in the outside under a spring-like day.


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Workshop trailer


The trailer of our next workshops is already on Youtube. Watch it here.

It was a hard recording and editing work, but highly enjoyable. We included some of the projects developed in my book “100 pin loom squares“, such as throw, hairband, fingerless gloves, slippers, etc. in a different fun way.


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.06.58 PM

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Rain of inspiration


In this rainy day, what a better opportunity to get inspired by wool. I have no reasons to be against acrylic yarns, I think all kinds of yarn can coexist, they all have pros and cons. But alpaca and sheep wool have got incomparable features, and the mere fact that they are natural makes them even more lovable.


Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.08.52 PM

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And the day arrived


Yes, it has. In less than 24 hours, our first workshop of zoom loom mini weaving loom will start 🙂

What zoom loom is? A weaving loom rarely known in Chile, some call it colombian weaving loom. The old version used to be the weave-it loom and it was quite famous a fews decades ago. Zoom loom is a commercial product of the US company Schacht Spindle, based on the weave-it loom. The zoom loom is a redesign, a revival, plastic made, a modern and much more attractive weaving set.


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.20.20 AM

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First Workshop


Here they are, our first graduated students: Mela, Marce, Carmen, Martita and Angelita.

It was a very entertaining am workshop, full of chating, cookies and media lunas. What else can be a better combo: weaving loom + delicious food = full tummy + happy souls 🙂

In the pic you can see my 30×30 cm (12×12″) weaving loom in action. Significantly more appropiate to teach, trying to do that with the original 10×10 cm loom is reserved to only 20/20 vision..



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