Pale Rose, the first Ullvuna free pattern


I started Ullvuna 7 years ago. Today is the first time I share the patterns of my original, unique and beloved designs with you 🙂

Every mother thinks her child is the “most beautiful” then I couldn`t be objective to choose the pattern to share, so I proposed the election of it to the Pin loom weaving support group from Facebook, which I belong to.

I selected 5 very different designs. The voting was open for 3 days and finally the chosen design was the following:




I made the original design of this Pale rose tartan woven t-shirt a few years ago. It is a summer garment, cotton made, light, loose, comfortable.. I have made it in different color combinations since then, changing the waistband, adding buttons, etc. Click in the pictures below to see one of those color combinations in detail on Etsy.



Some designs are available for purchase, ready to ship, like this one in pastel tones, L size:



So, let`s continue with the most expected, the pattern!


Pale rose tartan woven t-shirt has been handwoven in square and rectangle pin loom (frame loom), in continuous strand weaving and the waistband was handknitted.

To sum up both weaving looms in one I recommend to have a 60×60 cm or bigger adjustable weaving loom, like the one below. Therefore you can use it not only to make this design, but also to make different sizes, lots of garments and objects. You don`t have an adjustable weaving loom? Order one here.




Otherwise, buy or build the square and rectangle weaving looms in the size you require to make this design.

The size of each square and rectangle weaving loom is the following:

For S size

  • Square weaving loom: 50×50 cm
  • Rectangle weaving loom: 50×25 cm

For  M size

  • Square weaving loom: 54×54 cm
  • Rectangle weaving loom: 54×27 cm

For  L size

  • Square weaving loom: 58×58 cm
  • Rectangle weaving loom: 58×29 cm

For  XL size

  • Square weaving loom: 62×62 cm
  • Rectangle weaving loom: 62×31 cm


The basic stitches to work on frame looms are available for free download at Freebies in Ullvuna`s web page. You need to suscribe to download the files, that will also let me keep you updated with the new posts and uploads 🙂

So, to make the design, download from Freebies the following stitches:

  • For Square weaving loom: Basic Stitch and Changing color.
  • For Rectangle weaving loom: Basic Stitch.






The Pale rose tartan woven t-shirt is only the first of many design patterns I will publish in the near future and it is one of the designs included in my book “The Ullvuna Deluxe Pattern Book“, which will be published next 2017 and includes the most liked 20 Ullvuna design patterns. You can pre-order it with a 20% discount today!




I hope you liked this pattern and enjoy making this garment for yourself. Share the pics of your result and I will be happy to include them in this post.

More creative projects will come very soon 🙂


About Florencia Campos Correa

Enthusiastic designer and author of "100 pin loom squares", translated to 6 languages. Founder of Ullvuna, online shop of pin loom and crochet inspiring patterns, books and DIY kits. Florencia is home-based in Chile and uses blogging to share her passion about handcrafting and creative lifestyle.

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