DIY ::: Christmas Wreath with leftover yarn


December. My favorite month is finally here! Jo jo jo.. The year ends and it is time to celebrate with family. This is the time when all these memories of joy and positive anxiety come to my mind 🙂

So to start with the best mood I wanted to take a traditional christmas decoration from storehouse of memories and share it with you. It is an easy 90 min Christmas Wreath to make with leftover yarn. And most important, it is gorgeous!


christmas wreath.jpg


Do you like it? Now take a look at the original version, in the traditional christmas colors, the one that has been in my front door each december for years:


481405_10151282165751308_1873868325_n copy.jpg


So, you are wondering how to make this. Quite easy I say. While changing diapers and tiding up my baby toys I managed to make these step-by-step photoshooting instructions to follow that will let you make your own version of this project for sure 🙂


  • 4 or more different colors of yarn (about 10 g each ball). One of them should be bulk yarn, the others can be thin yarn.
  • Wooden or plastic ring diameter between 15-20 cm (6-8″), 3 cm (1″) thickness. I used 2 rings to reach the 3 cm thickness, the bigger one was 17 cm diameter and the smaller one fitted perfectly inside.
  • Cotton balls
  • Scissors
  • Measure tape
  • Yarn needle




  • The bulk yarn is going to wrap the wreath. Look for a thin yarn of a similar color to tie both rings (in case you are going to work with two). The bulk yarn will then cover the knots and loose ends while wrapping the wreath.
  • Cut 4 pieces of the thin yarn, about 10 cm (4″) each and tie with a simple knot both rings in the four axis.



  • To start wrapping the wreath, take the bulk yarn and trap a 3 cm tail between both rings. Then pass the ball yarn inside and outside the wreath, wrapping it in the direction that seems more comfortable. Loose the yarn tail while wrapping. Then keep wrapping in the same direction.
  • It is important to keep the same yarn tension, also each yarn turn should be next to the following one to cover the wreath completely.
  • When you reach the knots on each axis, cover them while wrapping the wreath.



  • Continue wrapping the wreath. The complete process takes no more than 30 minutes.



  • When you get to the end, pull the yarn between both rings and cut a 10 cm tail. Thread the yarn needle and pull it under the nearest yarn of the wrap, then over the yarn and finally loose ir passing it through the wrap. Cut the rest of the tail.



  • When the wreath is finished it is time to start making the decoration balls. They should be 4 cm diameter so you can look for a 4 cm object as a size reference or just measure each ball you make.
  • To make the yarn balls, choose a new color yarn, thread the needle and pass it through a cotton ball. Wrap the cotton ball until you reach the 4 cm diameter.
  • Make around 7-9 balls of different colors.



In this point you have 2 ways to follow. The first is to make the wreath as the first picture in this post, which I`ll be calling “Option 1”, or a variation on it, “Option 2”.


Option 1

  • Use the same thin yarn you used in the beginning, to join the balls of yarn. Cut 50 cm (20″) of the yarn, thread the needle and pass it through each ball, like you where making a beaded necklace.
  • Wrap the wreath with the yarn that now is holding the balls of yarn. Sort them like a bunch.
  • Crochet a 50 cm chain stitch strip. If you don`t know how to do it, click here.
  • Tie the crochet strip to the wreath as a ribbon. The amazing wreath is finished!



Option 2

  • Crochet a 60 cm strip of chain stitch. If you don`t know how to do that, click here. Make a slip knot in the middle.
  • Cut 10 cm of the thin yarn you used in the beginning, thread the needle and pass it through 3 of the wreath wrapping yarns. Use both ends to tie the slip knot.
  • Now wrap the wreath with the crochet strip to both sides at the same time.
  • Once you get to the bottom, thread the needle and pass it through each ball of yarn.
  • Wrap the wreath with the crochet strip that now is holding the balls. Let the last ones hang down. The amazing wreath is finished!



Have you decided which one you want to make? Compare them and you will know:


christmas wreath2.jpg

Would you like sharing your own version of this wreath project? Send me a picture here and I will publish it in this blog 🙂

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See you!


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Enthusiastic designer and author of "100 pin loom squares", translated to 6 languages. Founder of Ullvuna, online shop of pin loom and crochet inspiring patterns, books and DIY kits. Florencia is home-based in Chile and uses blogging to share her passion about handcrafting and creative lifestyle.

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