Print and colour your own stitches


I`ve been busy working in a series of digital tools to download and print, designed for knitters, crocheter, weavers, that I want to tell you about in this post.

If you have already weaved in the Zoom Loom o Weave-it de 4×4″, you have achieved a few stitches so far and you want to take it to the next step: design your own stitches. Then this is the tool for you!


Sketching new stitches if not easy. One option is to try while weaving.. other option is to make a previous drawing. If the second option is better for you, keep reading..

This tool consist of a set of 8 colouring pages.The first 4 pages work for the Two-layer warp method, the 4 last work for the Three-layer warp method. So, once you decide what warp method you want to work, you have 4 pages slightly different to choose. If you are not sure which one to choose, just print them all and dare to design and colour them 🙂

The complete set is available at my Etsy shopDon`t be afraid, If you want to try one of the pages for FREE before purchasing the complete set, clic and download: zoom-loom-printable-example




If all these Zoom Loom and Weave-It loom things are new for you but you`d like trying, you can read more about it in this last post.

Learn the 2 warping methods I mentioned, you can download the step-by-step instructions for FREE at freebies, from Ullvuna.

Well, we cannot stay in the theory, let`s finally try this. I made an exercise to try my own tool, here  what happened.

I established to design a stitch in the Two-Layer warp method, a simple stitch, geometric. I called it “Navajo”. Nothing complex to start, the only innovation I made was using more than one color in the weft.

The page I coloured is the same one you can download for FREE (above). I coloured it digitally, but you can handcolour as well. My design as follows:



What do you think? There are three diamonds in the center, vertically. And now the most expected, the result:




Do you like it? I hope this completelly inspired you to start printing, designing and colouring.

More creative stuff in a next post 🙂


About Florencia Campos Correa

Enthusiastic designer and author of "100 pin loom squares", translated to 6 languages. Founder of Ullvuna, online shop of pin loom and crochet inspiring patterns, books and DIY kits. Florencia is home-based in Chile and uses blogging to share her passion about handcrafting and creative lifestyle.

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