Imagine the object first


I am finally back to sit and write about my last zoom loom workshop. It was a very special workshop event at Emporio La Rosa de La Dehesa at the end of august.

It was a nice day which started with a delicious breakfast inside the coffee shop and then weaving in the outside under a spring-like day.


This single workshop was very different than the last series of workshops I taught, because I wanted to correct what I didn`t like from the last series and wanted to achieve a great experience for my students. It is just that I based the first serie in my book 100 pin loom squares when the book is not made to let people learn to design objects or garments, but follow instructions and copy the projects that are included.

That said, to teach backwards was the challenge I set. To imagine a design first, an object, the 3 dimensions shaped in squares. Secondly, to learn to use the zoom loom.

The first instruction consisted of giving the students a few 4×4″pieces of fabric and tell them to design with them, sticking the together with maskin tape. For this purpose they had to choose one object to make between 3 given options: a handbag (the easy one), something to wear over the head (wishing to be surprised by someone) and a slipper (to know who where the bold ones)

Those 3 objects where projects part of the book. I mean, I faced the same challenge when I made the book. The objetive was to see how they would manage to design from nothing and then I planned to show them my own solutions so they could see examples or probably solutions that they could have came with.

As I expected, the majority chose the handbag, a few chose that something to wear over the head and only one dared with the slipper.




The interesting thing is that the results I had with this challenge don`t necessary let me see which are the creative people, rather identify which have less training to use creativity, which we all certainly have.

This makes me reflect about todays education, in which exploiting creativity has no importance, the artistic subjects are being reduced, and the hability with numbers is rewarded as if the world was only engineers performance..

Creativity is not only something amusement to do during spare time, it is not that worthless hability to make pretty things. It is part of life, it enable us to face it with a better point of view. Creativity let us transform problems into solutions and to move forward against adversity. It is really inherent to daily nature.

Creativity brings out the best in us, it makes us free.

The end of this story in the next post 🙂


About Florencia Campos Correa

Enthusiastic designer and author of "100 pin loom squares", translated to 6 languages. Founder of Ullvuna, online shop of pin loom and crochet inspiring patterns, books and DIY kits. Florencia is home-based in Chile and uses blogging to share her passion about handcrafting and creative lifestyle.

One response to “Imagine the object first

  1. Kantu

    Hi, I tried but couldn’t. Is there a way I can read all this in English? I don’t read, write, speak or understand Spanish. Although, I plan to learn to do so in the near future. But in the meantime, is there an English translation for your blog?
    Thank you.


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