Rain of inspiration


In this rainy day, what a better opportunity to get inspired by wool. I have no reasons to be against acrylic yarns, I think all kinds of yarn can coexist, they all have pros and cons. But alpaca and sheep wool have got incomparable features, and the mere fact that they are natural makes them even more lovable.


Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.08.52 PM

The alpaca wool characterizes first of all by its soft touch feeling. There is no acrylic compared to it! Its thermal attributes are also very important. The fibers which alpaca is made of have got air gaps between them, causing thermal insolation. Who hasn`t have a cute andean sweater that keeps the extreme cold out? In addition, it tolerates very well the fungus and remains in a good shape as time passes.

And to inspire you, this fingerless gloves design. I wish this pic could be touched so you can feel the softness! The pattern of this design is included in my book “100 pin loom squares“.

More inspiration in a few more days 🙂


About Florencia Campos Correa

Enthusiastic designer and author of "100 pin loom squares", translated to 6 languages. Founder of Ullvuna, online shop of pin loom and crochet inspiring patterns, books and DIY kits. Florencia is home-based in Chile and uses blogging to share her passion about handcrafting and creative lifestyle.

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